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The History of The Pro Shop

In November of 1981 The Pro Shop opened its doors on North Vernal Avenue as a Golf and Bowling equipment shop. Shortly after, Jim & Diane decided there was a great opportunity to add Silk Screening to the business. Jim had no experience or knowledge of how to Silk Screening, so he picked up a book on “How to Silk Screen” read it, and through trial and error started to produce Silk Screened items. After he mastered the art of silk screening, he got the idea they could add trophies and plaques.

Jim and Diane purchased liquidated items from a business in Orem and added the trophies and awards. In December of 1988 the Pro Shop moved to its current location at 110 N. 500 W. With a lot of remodel and effort to make a both a new home and business location, The Pro Shop was moved.

14 months later, Jim suddenly passed away. Diane was left with a new home and a business to manage. With the support of their two daughters, family members, and friends, Diane was able to keep the business going. She had to learn the art of engraving, silk screening, and the day to day issues that came along with that.

Over the next few years, embroidery was starting to be used more, so after some heavy persuasion from her son-in-law, she purchased 4 machines and expanded with providing custom embroidery on t-shirts, hats, and other items. Diane has learned over the past 34 years of being in business that it takes the support, caring and commitment from not only her employees, but the community and family of which she greatly appreciates. She supports and donates to local charities and sponsors many events throughout the basin.

The Pro Shop will continue to be committed to support events and provide professional, high quality products for many more years to come.

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