Screen Printing

Full Color Custom Apparel

Screen printing is a great way to get your message out. Screen printing works great for promotions, business uniforms, reunions, fund raisers or branding your business. The Pro Shop offers up to 4 color printing. The Pro Shop is capable of screen printing any apparel like T-shirts, hats, bags, sports apparel, tanks, polo’s, jackets or even aprons!

Print on Many Fabrics

All though most screen printers shy away from specialty fabrics, we have been around long enough and have the experience to know exactly how to handle special fabrics to keep your players or your fashion products looking there best!

Durable Prints

Our prints hold durability because we use quality inks, as well as have talented screen printers who do their job well to keep your garments looking their best even after leaving our shop! Quality is very important to us here at The Pro Shop, just come down and see for yourself!

Great for Bulk Quantities

Screen Printing is great for those big events and bulk orders. For large quantities screen printing is the most cost effective, and still looks great! So don’t worry about your large event or big goups we’ve got you covered!

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